[SERVER 1] Update 3.10.2

3 weeks ago by Patience

Changelog 3.10.2

- Added a new system: Chest Preview, CTRL + LClick on any chest to see its content:
- Features of Chest Preview:
Rarity System
Scrolling Feature


- Fixed some more core crashes
- Fixed a bug in which users could apply Permanent Potion on expired DS Stones
- Fixed a bug in which dungeon ranking was showing wrong data at Fastest ranking tab (resetted fast time rankings for these dungeons)

We noticed 0 core crashes since the last maintenance ;)

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Server maintenance 05.03.2019 at 10:00 CET

3 weeks ago by HuNterukh

Good morning community,

We will perform a maintenance on Both Servers today 05.03.2019 at 10:00 CET (in aprox. 60 minutes from now). ETA: 30-60 minutes. Patchlog will be posted afterwards. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

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Server maintenance 26.02.2019 at 10:00 CET

1 month ago by Patience

Server is online!

The patchlog should have included only the following thing:
- We have investigated the problems that we had last week and we found a way to improve the server scalability to be more sustainable and to work according to our mass of users. This worked on our dev-server but on the live-server it didn't work. We will still search for a solution and we are very close to it.

One more thing: Valentine's Day Event will be turned off tonight at 00:00 (DE-Time) so you can still farm and have fun!

Best Regards,

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[SERVER 1] Update 3.10.1

1 month ago by Neelo

Changelog 3.10.1

- Applied a fix for Meley Stage 4
- Skill damage is no longer registered in Ignail (resetted Ignail dmg ranking again)
- Possible fix for shop related core crash
- Applied fix for a core crash related to the pet system
- Metin of Murder now also dropps the Valentine's Rose
- Added new marriage items (s1 only, s2 will automatically receive them once stage 4 is completed)
- You can now sell perma Rings to NPCs (to delete them from your Account)

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