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Easter Event (xx/xx/xx - xx/xx/xx)

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Hey there,


Easter Time is coming closer and closer! But what does that mean? Our veteran players should know that our annual Easter Event is by far the best Event during the year! And this year won't be different. We will publish the start date within the next days!


This Event will provide you with:

Silver Easter Metin Stones

Golden Easter Metin Stones

Diamond Easter Metin Stones

Boss Hunt Quests

Five Stages

More Flowers

New Dungeons

Special Mount Skins

Special Pet Skins

Special Weapon Skins

Easter Bunny Costumes

Desert Emporer Costumes

Additional Loot

Wheel of Fortune


There are so many things happening during the Event, so let us go into detail now:



During the entire event you can obtain Easter Eggs from all Stage 4 Monsters with which you can buy yourself some nice Rings and Mounts from Gekko. Additionally Gekko offers a variety of costumes to transmute onto your permanent costumes.








Ring_der_Willenskraft.png +30% Monster

71599.png+30% Monster

68017.png+5% Metin

55407.png+10% Metin/Fire/Ice




The Silver Easter Metin Stones are available in a Lv 70, Lv 90, Lv 105 and Lv 125 version, each sharing the same loot as the corresponding Metin Stone as well as one Magic Egg.




[spoiler=Server 2]

Ring_der_t%C3%B6dlichen_Macht.png +35% Monster (7 Days)






[spoiler=Server 1]

Ring_der_t%C3%B6dlichen_Macht.png +35% Monster (7 Days)






But I don't see any of these Stones in the game, how can I farm them? Basically you have to search for them by either farming normal Stones or Bosses.


Defeating a lv 70/80 Stones has a chance of spawning the Lv 70 Silver Easter Metin Stone.


Defeating a lv 90 Stone or any Lv 75 open world boss (Chief Orc, Ninetails, etc.) has a chance of spawning the lv 90 Silver Easter Metin Stone.


Defeating a lv 105 Stone or any Lv 105 open world boss (Lord Gnoll, King Wubba, etc.) has a chance of spawning the lv 105 Silver Easter Metin Stone.


Defeating a lv 125 Stone or any Lv 125 open world boss (Corin, Abtrols, Zaron, etc.) has a chance of spawning the lv 125 Silver Easter Metin Stone.


FYI: the overall chances of spawning a Silver Easter Metin Stone increase with the Metin/Monster level, and of course the chance is higher when defeating bosses!







Some of you might already know the sought after Golden Easter Metins and where to find them. However you do not know the Diamond ones for sure!

Both of which may be found in the Grotto of Exile 1 (on all channels). Before you can hunt for all the special stones and their nice reward, you need to spawn them!


The spawning process may sound a bit confusing but is rather simple. Completing a dungeon (killing their respective bosses) might cause the spawn of a Golden Easter Metin in the Grotto. There is a rare chance to spawn a Diamond Easter Metin!


Understood? If not look at the example below:


Player X completes the Razador dungeon and kills Razador, the spawn of the Golden Metin Stone gets triggered and somewhere in the Grotto a Golden Easter Metin will spawn. Since the spawn is announced in the GM chat every player always knows when it's time to search for these Metins, however you won't get told the exact location nor the channel!! (The Stone can be found by any player not only the player who completed the dungeon).


FYI: The spawn of a Diamond Metin Stones will be announched via the [SYSTEM] Chat


More and more dungeons are added to the list of dungeons which can spawn the sought after stones by reaching different Event-Stages. (further information at the stage explaination)




[spoiler=Server 2]

62055.png Donnie Pet Skin

71934.png Easter Costume Voucher







[spoiler=Server 1]

62055.png Donnie Pet Skin

71934.png Easter Costume Voucher









[spoiler=Server 2]

30653.pngMerius Ticket

63001.pngRabby Moutskin

frank.png Frank Petskin







[spoiler=Server 1]

30653.pngMerius Ticket

63001.pngRabby Moutskin

frank.png Frank Petskin





[spoiler=The Rabby Mountskin]





91px-Frank_1.png Donnie_1.png



Once your character reached Lv 55 you automatically receive a Boss Hunt Quest adjusted to your current character level. The quest asks you to defeat a randomly selected dungeon Boss and rewards you with Magic Eggs. The higher your level is, the more Magic Eggs you will be rewarded with. You can repeat the quest as often as you want!


The Easter event of course has some stages prepared, which you as a community have to reach to unlock more and more rewards! You gain points by defeating Silver, Golden and Diamond Easter Metin Stones this time (no other Metin Stones or bosses grant points)!


As stated above you guys will unlock more and more dungeons for the Golde/Diamond Easter Metin Stones spawn. By defeault they do not spawn at all, you first need to reach Stage 1 for them to spawn!


Stage 1 - 500.000 Points

Completing Meley's Hort as well as Ignail's Dawnmist can spawn Golden/Diamond Easter Metin Stones in the Grotto of Exile 1 (on all channels)!


Possibility to obtain the Merius Dungeon Ticket.


Stage 2 - 750.000 Points

Completing the Temple of Wu-Kong as well as Liryum's Canyon can spawn Golden/Diamond Easter Metin Stones in the Grotto of Exile 1 (on all channels)!


Unlocks a special Gekko Store which sells the stronger Marriage Items.


Stage 3 - 1.000.000 Points

Completing Ludba's Settlement as well as Dopz's Cursed Lake can spawn Golden/Diamond Easter Metin Stones in the Grotto of Exile 1 (on all channels)!


Increases the chance of spawning Silver Metin Stones from all sources.


Stage 4 - 1.400.000 Points

Completing the Red Dragon Fortress as well as Nemere's Watchtower can spawn Golden/Diamond Easter Metin Stones in the Grotto of Exile 1 (on all channels)!


Razador, Nemere, Ludba, Dopz, Wu-Kong, Liryum, Meley, Ignail and Jotun Thrym can drop a special Flower Box (contains one of 5 Flowers+0).


Stage 5 - 2.000.000 Points

Completing the Erebos Dungeon spawns a guaranteed Golden Easter Metin and has an increased chance of spawning the Diamond Metin Stone!


Razador, Nemere, Ludba, Dopz, Wu-Kong, Liryum, Meley, Ignail and Jotun Thrym can now drop the rare Diamond Easter Metin spawner.


As you already noticed we added a Flower Box which contains all kind of Flowers!



The Merius dungeon is a special Easter Event dungeon waiting for level 105+ players do complete it. It was designed to be a special guild dungeon which makes it exceptionally hard, if not impossible, to complete as a single player, even with multiple characters.




A party of 5 people as well as the rare Merius Ticket is required to enter the dungeon (your party must consist of exactly 5 players)





Phase 1

After spawning in the Merius dungeon each player should walk to the big circle in the middle and look out for 5 ways leading away from the center. Metins and Bosses are spawning on all 5 paths. The task is to clear all the bosses and stones spawned on the 5 paths.

After clearing a path you will dropp one of 5 Merius Seals which you need to drag onto the NPC located at the end of each path.


Attention: The Sealstones only last for 30 seconds once dropped so you need to time it correctly with your friends. Otherwise you will fail phase 1.

Attention: Once you attached the first Seal to one NPC your group has only 5 seconds to activate the other 4 npc's by attaching seals there as well!


If you somehow fail to complete Phase 1 the entire Phase gets reset and you need to clear the 5 paths again until your group completes Phase 1 successfully.


Phase 2 - Merius

Once you managed to complete Phase 1 Merius will spawn. However this special Easter Boss has 3 complicated phases:


Subphase 1 - at 75% HP

You no longer deal damage to Merius, at the end of all 5 paths a Metin Stone spawns, kill all 5 Metin Stones within 30 seconds to complete Subphase 1. If your group fails to kill the stones within 30 seconds you have to start all over again. Merius regens back to 100% HP and you have to start Subphase 1 again!


Subphase 2 - at 50% HP

You no longer deal damage to Merius, at the the end of all 5 paths a Boss appears. Your party has to defeat all 5 Bosses within 45 seconds to complete Subphase 2. If your group fails to kill the bosses within 45 seconds you have to start all over again. Merius regens back to 100% HP and you have to start Subphase 1 again!


Subphase 3 - at 25% HP

You no longer deal damage to Merius, all 5 paths are filled with Bosses and Metin Stones again, defeat all of them within 90 seconds to complete the past Subphase. If your group fails to clear the Subphase within 90 seconds you have to start all over again. Merius regens back to 100% HP and you have to start Subphase 1 again!


Once you completed the third subphase you can simply go ahead and kill Merius. Every party member receives 3 Chests which can contain:


[spoiler=Server 2]





[spoiler=Server 1]





But the real deal about this dungeon is Merius' special loot! Try your luck and obtain the rare Muffin Mountskin, the sought after Desert Emporer Costume or one of the Easter Weapon Skins:




[spoiler=The rare Muffin Mountskin]




[spoiler=Desert Emporer]




[spoiler=Easter Weapon Skins]




Of course we also prepared special Itemshop offers for you guys!


Temporary costumes with 10% Metin, feel free to transmuted them!





Temporary Nugget Mount (30% monster) not transmutable as well the permanent Nugget Mountskin


The Sheldon&Cooper Petskins




Additionally you are able to try your luck in our Wheel of Fortune


Main Rewards:


Balu Mountskin

Gekko Mountskin

Fippsel Mountskin

Suity Mountskin

Lv 80. Weapon Skins in Blue, Red and Gold

Permanent Easter Costumes


[spoiler="Suity Mountskins"]





[spoiler=Weapon Skins]




[spoiler=Easter Costumes]






Best regards and happy Easter time,

Eurus & Rubinum Team!


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