Bugfixupdate Rubinum 1.3.1 Version

2 years ago by EAZY


Guten Tag liebe Community,



Wir führen um 20:45 einen kleinen Reboot durch.
Im Großen und ganzen befasst es sich viel mit internen Fixxes,
jedoch auch Zwei kleine Anpassungen für euch ingame.
Wir werden weitere Bugs fixxen, und sie dann ebenfalls demnächst aufspielen,
jedoch beschäftigen uns derzeit internene Dinge, welche wir gerne weiter ausbauen möchten.
aber keine Sorge, die aktuellen Probleme mit dem Sd2 und Sd3 sind bekannt und werden ebenfalls schnellstmöglich nachgepatcht ! ;)


Bitte macht fotos wie ingame mehrmals angekündigt von euren Genis !
Wir geben euch noch Zeit bis um 20:45!

Folgende Punkte werden gefixxt :

Patch v1.3.1

Anpassung: Seelenkristalladern spawnen wieder auf der Erzemap
Anpassung: Metinsteine haben nun angepasste Spawnpunkte in der Nähe der Warpring ausganssituation
Anpassung: Im Sd2 funktionieren die Kammern nun wieder richtig


Good day dear community,



We perform a small Reboot at 20:30.
On the whole, it deals a lot with internal Fixx,
but also two small adjustments for you ingame.
We will fix more bugs soon, but at the moment we
we have to deal with internal things which we would like to expand.
But don't worry, the current problems with the SD2 and Sd3 are known
and are also fixed as soon as possible! ;)

The following points will be fixed:

Patch v1.3.1

Adaptation: Soul Crystal Ores are spawning on the Ore-Map now
Adaptation: Metin Stones do now have adapted Spawnpoints around the Warpring Spawn's

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Große Bugfixupdate Rubinum 1.3 Version | Second Post is english!

2 years ago by Decay

Good day dear community,


at 15:30, we perform a reboot,
which includes some Bugfixes for the Empire Battle too.
EDIT: It is likely to involve maintenance, which may last for an extended period.
We want to look at this problem with the login again to fix everything.

The Empire battle is thus postponed to 19:30 pm, because we have a team meeting at 18:00 pm.

The following points will be fixed:
Patch v1.3

Feature: Group members can pick up items for you, and it stacks up in your inventory
Feature: You can now call no more pets and mounts in the Empire Battle
Feautre: It is now possible to add earth resistance, ice resistance and resistance to Costumes
Feature: It is now possible to walk into every Chamber in Sd2 and Sd3 + More Respawnchamber's
Feature: In the client, there is now desert fighters for the Lycans (Coming soon)
Adaptation: All belts have +9 now a total of 16 slots
Adaptation: It is now possible take off belt with items in it
Adaptation: The blue arrows from the quiver system now have the correct animation
Adaptation: Now you see the shoulder sash in the character selection
Adaptation: The Itemshop now has all the right graphics on the Landing Page
Adaptation: The highlighting of the Auto Potts works properly now
Adaptation: From now on, the status points only go to 90
Bug: The lag in costume windows are now fixed
Bug: The shoulder sash's now have a shadow
Bug: If you die while mounted you sit on it again after dying. (Costumemounts)
Bug: The "Lag's" in the inventory while watch Item descriptions is fixed now
Bug: You can now replace stones with Soulbind Equipment, Insert ores and upgrade the Item, but not change the Bonuses or destroy it
Optimization: New arrangements for foreign programs
Optimization: Increased security measures in terms of server stability

After the update has been finished you have to patch, then the Empire Battle is already starting! :)

Thank you for your understanding.
Your Rubinum-Team.

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Großes Bugfixupdate Rubinum 1.2 Version

3 years ago by EAZY


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Clientpatch 07.01.2016

3 years ago by Arus

Der Patch ist nun oben

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