Server maintenance 06.11.2018 at 10:00 CET

4 months ago by HuNterukh

Server is up!

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Update 3.6.2

4 months ago by Eurus

Good morning Community,

Today's patch is just a minor patch to enable the last part of our Halloween event.

I want to write a short statement about the current situation though.

We spent some time investigating the strange login issues and noticed that our Hoster had a configuration issue which resulted in a blocked connection for some internet provider. We informed our Hoster and currently it looks like the issue got solved.

Regarding the core crashes: These are "new" crashes which occurred recently. We already know why they occur and will patch a potential fix with next maintenance. Until then we won't do any Dungeon specific events (Double Boss Loot and Dungeon Cashback will be postponed to the next weekend 09.11 - 11.11). At the moment it does not make sense to enable these events because players will lose more than they gain form such an event, most likely. Please understand this decision!

And now to the last part of our Halloween event, which is at the same time a little "Sorry-Event" for the latest inconveniences.

The Okey Card game will be enabled after today's maintenance.

You can obtain Okay Cards from all Metin Stones lv. 70+ (chance is NOT 100%)

And also from following Dungeon Bosses
The best possible rewards are:
Turmalin+ Shard (Silver Okey Chest)
Meley&Ignail Ticket (Golden Okey Chest)
Poggers-Voucher (Golden Okay Chest)
You can use the Poggers Vouchers to buy permanent Halloween Riptooth Skins from Gekko.

Günaydın millet,

Bugünkü güncelleme küçük bir bug fixlenmesi ve cadılar bayramı etkinliğinin son kısmı içindi.

Son günlerde yaşanan giriş problemleri ve çeşitli sıkıntılar host ile kaynaklıydı ve şuan çözülmüş gibi gözüküyor.

Corecrashlarla ilgili olan sorunun sebebini biliyoruz ve sonraki güncellemede bir düzeltme getireceğiz. Düzenleme gelene kadar boss eventleri olmayacak. Boss eventleri sonraki haftasonuna ertelendi.(09.11 - 11.11) Bu kararı zarara uğramamanız için aldık. Anlayış göstermenizi bekliyoruz.

Okey Kart etkinliği bugünkü güncellemeden sonra etkin olacak.

Okey Kartlarını 70 lv+ tüm metin taşlarından düşürebileceksiniz (%100 düşme oranlı değil)

Ayrıca aşağıdaki zindan patronlarındanda

- Razador
- Nemere
- Meley
- Ignail
- Jotun
Olası en iyi ödüller:
- Turmalin+ Parçacığı (Gümüş Okey Sandığı)
- Meley&Ignail Bileti (Altın Okey Sandığı)
- Poggers-Voucher (Altın Okey Sandığı)

Poggers Voucher ile Gekkodan sınırsız Cadılar Bayramı Kesici Dişi Kostümleri alabileceksiniz.

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Server maintenance 26.10.2018 at 8:30 CET

5 months ago by HuNterukh


- Fixed the Remote Shop Editor
- Fixed the PM bug
- Fixed emoticons bug
- Fixed hyperlinks in whisper
- Fixed -> Added halloween drop for Snakefield and Land of Giants stones

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Update 3.6.0

5 months ago by Eurus

Added required changes for Halloween event (thread comming later)
Implemented new feature: in-chat web hyperlinks. It works both on normal chat and whisper. Allowed hostnames for links:








Pet System pet's HP/SP/Def are now calculated dynamically

Fixed a visual bug of Swiftness skill of Healer Shaman in which it was granting crit skill effect too
Fixed the bug in which items were randomly removed from Quickslot bar
Fixed a shining bug of weapon-costumes
Added some security changes on offline shop
Fixed immortal mob bug from Lyrium's (most likely)
You can now open cursed Orc Chest again
Razador drops Red Dragon Stone again

FYI: We had to change the offlineshop/shop search. Currently Items wont stack onto already existing ones when:
Buying items from shop (shop search or from shop directly)
Removing items from your shop
While this is not really convenient for you as a player, it is required to prevent potential item loses after removing/buying items

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